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    About Carolina Robb

    Background & Education

    I offer you over 30 years experience and in-depth education in Jungian psychology.


    UNDERGRAD: CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY: The Chairman of the Psychology Department was Dr. Edward Teney A Jungian Psychologist, who I met early on and who became a mentor and a dear friend. This was the beginning of my Jungian education.

    MASTERS: CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY: Studied Archetypal Psychology. Dr. Sheila Moon, a famous Jungian author, who taught Mythology was the main focus of my attention and a member of my thesis committee. In addition, this was the beginning of my study of Yoga with Dr. Elanor Chriswell, founding member of the Humanistic Psychology Institute, (now Saybrook University), and editor of Somatics Magazine. I went on to attend the Humanistic Psychology Institute where both Dr. Moon and Dr. Crisswell were on my dissertation committee.

    Ph.D. HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY INSTITUTE/SAYBROOK INSTITUTE: Continuation of Psychology Education focusing on Jungian Psychology and Healing and Wisdom Traditions. The title of my dissertation was “A Foot In Both Worlds: Healing Contemporary Alienation Through a Dialogue with Primitive Wisdom.” I did two years of field work in extremely rural and undeveloped communities and pueblos in Latin America.

    POST GRADUATE STUDIES: In 2013 I went back to school studying Jungian Analysis and Psychotherapy at:

    Pacifica Graduate School 2013: Explored the origins, history and significance of the life and work of C.G. Jung and its influence on the legacy of depth psychology. Over 20 scholarly presentations on such topics as Active Imagination, Myth, Dreams, Symbols, Spirit.

    Jung Institute San Francisco 2014-2015: a year long course for licensed clinicians on the psychoanalytic practice of Jungian psychology. 2015-16 Analytic training program.

    Jung Institute of Santa Fe 2016-17 Analytic training program.


    Licensed Psychotherapist MFT13514 1979-present

    Credentialed Instructor in Psychology, Meditation, and Yoga 1977-present

    California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners certified provider of Continuing Ed. 2010

    PUBLICATIONS / PRESENTATIONS: (condensed version, for more complete listing contact me.)

    Jung The Mystic, Article published in the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Journal 2013

    World Conference on Drugs and Society 1991 Canada: “Perinatal Addiction: Prevention Strategies for the 90s”

    National Resource Link Conference Washington DC 1994: “Prevention Strategies For Women”

    National Conference on Homelessness, “Health Care Models For Homeless Teens” 1993.


    • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
    • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
    • Analytical Psychology Club of San Francisco